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The Bet...

M/F, Big Tits, BJ, Oral Pleasures, Objects

... Tina wore her usual black strapless bikini that exposed her breasts for anyone that wanted to look and when we got downstairs, Jessica was just stepping out of the bathroom, almost wearing a bright yellow two-piece suit.

My jaw dropped when I saw her, especially seeing the way her breasts were spilling out over the top. But what had the two girls hysterical was my obvious appreciation of Jessica's body as my semi hard on turned into a full-fledged boner.

They led me to the tub and we all got inside. I was glad to get in under the warm water, if for no other reason to hide my cock from view...

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Same Time Next Year...

... The idea of tease torturing me was on the girls mind to begin with, but now it was brought to the forefront when they realized they had a way of driving me insane while having their own fun.

Christine was next, she unbuttoned her top a few buttons and made sure to hang her cleavage so it was in view. “I always knew you were a boob boy, even when you were young” she said and of course my dripping cock was not doing anything to convince these women anything different.

Jessica and Ryan resumed tormenting my cock, though this time they concentrated on my...

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Interactive Butterfly

... The Victoria's Secret bra she wore below the tank top made sure that if anyone saw her they would see the most amazing cleavage around.

Leaving the house, he took the remote, made sure to put new batteries in and they headed to the mall. Once in the car, he looked at her and said "Are you sure about this baby?" She bit her bottom lip and nodded her head. With that he turned the remote on low (1). This level was a soft vibration that caused her pussy to tingle. She never had it on at this level for an extended period of time, so if she was able to cum from this level, she was not sure.

You can purchase this story in Acrobat PDF format