Live 1 on 1 and 2 on 1 taboo phone sex
Live 1 on 1 and 2 on 1 taboo phone sex


When Naughty Meets Nasty

I am the naughtiest and the nastiest slut you will ever come across. Can't you look at me and tell that I'm all for the kink and that I want all your hot cum all over my face? I look like phone sex, sound like phone sex, smell like phone sex, talk like phone sex, and walk like phone sex. I must be phone sex, right? All-day I sit at home and dream about having hot, steamy, endless phone sex with you. Every time my phone rings, I jump up with excitement, hoping that it's you on the other end. Nope! Just another fuckin' telemarketer again. I sometimes try to engage in phone fucking one them while I have them on the line.

I start by reversing the tables by asking them all of the fuckin' questions just like they do. Except for the questions that I ask are far more explicit than theirs. I've pulled quite a few before. I want it to be you on the phone asking you all the questions. I want you to hear me bangin' my clit with this hard, juicy dildo I've become best friends with that I have in my hands right now. It's going in and out of my pussy right this second as I type with one hand. Didn't you know that blonds have more fun? I'm the definition of fun when it comes to phone sex and making you explode all of your hot load. You need someone like me in your life to bring you out of your shell. I bet you're fun too. If so, why not be fun and have fun together? It only makes sense if we do.

Let us both indulge in all of the pleasures and benefits that we can get out of from phone fuckin' the shit out of each other. I want it all downright nasty! I want to rim your asshole while you're jerkin' your hard, cock. Give me a nice squat on my face right after you just took a messy, wet shit and let me suck it clean. I want to taste all of you right down to the fuckin' nitty-gritty! I told you I'm the naughtiest and the nastiest. I haven't even gotten started yet! You want the full monster to come out, then give me a call sugar! I'm right by the phone waiting rubbing my clit.

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